Board of Directors Software as a Virtual Platform for the Board to Hold Meetings

Board of directors’ software is a specialized information system developed for clients as part of the program of digitalization and standardization of corporate procedures.

The Main Capabilities of the board of directors software

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, boards of directors and everyone else-had urgently reinvented their ways of working. A deep economic crisis, the likes of which only occur once every few decades, necessitated making vital strategic decisions, but corporate executives were unable to meet in person. To save their companies from collapse, boards had to get used to virtual meetings.

Many directors have found that virtual meetings are even better than offline meetings. In addition to the obvious benefits (no need to travel anywhere, it is easier to get everyone together), the transition to virtual meetings has allowed board members to improve corporate governance. Meeting agendas have become shorter, presentations have become better, and discussions have become bolder and more open.

The board of directors software allows:

  • expedite the meeting procedure;
  • refuse paper interaction in the preparation of the meeting;
  • vote electronically at in-person and absentee meetings;
  • provide maximum information support to the participants of the meeting, including through remote access to the archive of events held.

Ask participants of the board portal meeting not only to review the material in advance but also to discuss it via file-sharing or secure chats. Then the meeting itself will be shorter, more useful, and more productive. In addition, it became possible to attract more top managers and third-party experts.

Why Should You Use the Virtual Platform for the Board to Hold Meetings?

If you are a remote worker, have decided to hold consultations online, or are getting a second degree remotely, it is time to get a reliable and affordable tool for video meetings. Finding a good video conferencing program isn’t easy. But it’s even harder to dig out a truly free one. The right solution depends on the types of meetings you are hosting.

With the secure board portal you will be able to:

  1. Choose a gallery view to allow 40 participants to interact with each other and share ideas.
  2. Highlight the speaker’s broadcast during online sessions or moderated discussions.
  3. You can switch to a different view at any time during the session if needed as part of an online conference or class.
  4. Tests and quizzes. The built-in test editor will help you collect tasks with one or more answers. You can limit the time for solving each question and assign points for correct answers. Test results cannot be shown to webinar participants.
  5. Technical support is available six days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays are off.  Board portal representatives answer in chat, by phone, and by mail. They connect to the board meeting for free and make sure everything runs smoothly.

If one of your employees has to make an extra effort every time to log into an account or deal with an awkward interface, these calls will only bring him irritation. The moderator must be able to do his or her job. If the online meeting is organized by a manager who needs to switch to other processes from time to time, it is better to assign another person to this task. Take a closer look at the free rates: maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for for so long.