Best ecommerce platform in 2021

Not so long ago, aspiring entrepreneurs spent a lot of money to get IT, developers, to create a website for them that would meet all their needs. But today, with the help of new technologies, you can easily create and beautifully design an e-commerce site using special software. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best software for building an e-commerce platform.

Shopify Review

Shopify is right on top of the list of programs we review for a reason, as it is the most popular way to create a website today. This platform is widely used by millions of entrepreneurs on the Internet. Shopify has become so popular for several reasons, one of which is its flexibility.

Create platforms for selling in a few steps, because the program includes a built-in CMS, a collection of templates for the appearance of your site, and WordPress functions.

Also, even a beginner can master its use, depending on your needs, you can choose different Shopify plans and get the maximum benefit from the proposed functions.

A great plus is also good SEO tools with which you can customize tags, titles, descriptions, images, and more. The program is perfectly compatible with mobile applications and integrates with many tools.

WooCommerce Review

The greatest strength of WooCommerce is that it is built on WordPress, but at the same time, it means that you need to buy a lot of features for your site to function fully. You will also have to spend money on additional extensions such as payment gateways and plugins for your email delivery and tracking. But the program itself is completely free.

If you’ve dealt with WordPress programs before, using WooCommerce won’t get you any programs. Install the plugin and get started, but you should be warned that the program contains a lot of functions and you will have to spend some time to understand them.

The platform provides you with detailed reporting and orders, customer activity, etc., is well compatible with mobile applications, and is combined with external SEO plugins.

BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce is also very popular to use. The program will guide you step by step through the steps required to create your online store. It provides you with instructions and provides you with everything you need to know to successfully create a platform.

When it comes to usability, there are a few things you need to understand. For example, the program interface is divided into two areas: in one area, you add products and manage shipping and discounts, but to change the view of the storefront, you need to go to the second area.

There is no function to customize URL addresses for your blog posts in the program, but you can customize other SEO components, such as title and description meta tags.

BigCommerce is mobile-friendly and integrates with all the tools your business needs. For more ease of use, you can combine all accounting, analytical, and marketing systems into one.

Ecwid Review

Ecwid is a bit different from the other programs reviewed here, and instead of helping you create a website, it helps you add an online store to an existing website.

Thus, you can easily trade in social networks and on your website and international trading platforms.

If you just want to quickly and efficiently sell a small number of products (up to 10), you can use the program for free. Well, if you decide to seriously think about entrepreneurship on the Internet, then Ecwid offers a choice of three tariffs, the price for which income is up to $ 100 per month.